I'm Jeremy, i write JavaScript
all day. Sometimes i add HTML
and CSS to make it pretty :)


Software Engineer building user services in a SaaS architecture


Client oriented Web Developer for big name e-commerce sites


UX/UI Developer designing and building interactive web experiences

Check out this site's source code, and many other open projects on http://github.com/jcollyer/portfoli/.


MV* JS Framworks

Using todays JavaScript Frameworks for production ready tested web applications.

SaaS Architecture

Expressive API creation for front-end client service consumption using service based architecture.

Modern Web Dev

Experience writing responsive, mobile first single page applications, using a bunch of other buzz words...


here is a link to my resume. you can also download it here

Recent Projects

jeremy collyer's gopro project

GoPro Channels

jeremy collyer's plant a seed project

Plant a Seed


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